New Home HVAC Installation in NYC

The HVAC unit that we have in our house has been here since the house was built, which is more than a decade before we bought the house. I know it needs to be replaced, but now my hand has kind of been forced, because it is not working and it is getting really hot in the house with no AC. So I want to check into HVAC installation in NYC to see if I can get some quotes for having this work done in my house. I did not want to really pay for a new AC unit at this point. I was kind of hoping that I would be able to wait another year or so. (more…)

Eight Tips to Find a Barber That Makes the Cut

rgA fantastic new haircut can send your confidence through the roof. A bad haircut, on the other hand, can really bring you down and make you want to go shopping for some new hats. So how do you get a great cut? It all begins with finding a skilled barber. Here are eight tips to help you find a fantastic stylist:

Ask for Recommendations

The first step in finding a great new stylist is asking your family members and friends for recommendations. Be on the lookout for a person who has a cut you really like and when you see someone, be sure to ask them where they get their hair done.

Read Online Reviews

Another way to identify a potential barber is by reading online reviews. These reviews can also help you determine what kind of atmosphere the salon has and the price range of their services.

Evaluate the Salon’s Cleanliness

Once you have identified some salons you would like to check out, visit them in person and evaluate their cleanliness. A salon with a sanitary and organized appearance is more likely to provide an ambiance in which you

Remedy Your Skin in Easy Steps

esWeather in our region has never been easy to deal with, especially with all the changes. These changes normally affect our skin and leave it facing dryness. It can sometimes feel itchy and flaky. So why not adopt easy beauty tips and ideas at home to keep it hydrated?

You have to start by changing your beauty routine. Use the right soap: pick some mildly foamy fragrant free soap and guarantee you have amazingly hydrated skin. Do not dry with a towel: you will want to wash your face many times during the day in summer, but do not dry it with a towel, instead let it dry on its own and let your skin take all the moisture it needs. Moisturize it regularly: don’t skip face moisturizing on a regular basis. Morning skin moisturizing cream is a must during this process. Eat right: have a healthy and well balanced diet, and let all the necessary fresh food in! Have weekly facial masks to remedy your skin easily and quickly, here are some home face masks skin care you can easily start doing:

– Avocado

The Gym Hair Trends!

xWant to know how you can be comfortable yet still look good when working up a sweat? Well, here is the answer! If you have short hair, you’re lucky because you have one less thing to worry about, and that is managing your hair when you’re working out. But for those with long hair, it’s a big hassle to try and keep it from getting in the way of your training. Exercising with your hair down will make you sweatier and will get wandering hairs in your face, which is really uncomfortable. Plus, you’ll look like a mess just 5 minutes into your practice. That’s why we’ve gathered the 5 best and comfiest hairstyle designs for long hair that will keep it fixed and out of the way so you can focus on shedding those love handles or getting your six packs.

  • The classic ponytail

This seems like a given. It keeps the hair out of your face and it looks good on pretty much everyone. Just make sure you use a good elastic band that’s not worn out so you don’t have to adjust it

All You Need To Know About The Tummy Tuck

3fThe tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that involves elimination of excess fat and hanging skin from the central and lower parts of your abdomen. The procedure is also known as abdominoplasty. It is a major surgery that lasts for about five hours. A patient is put under general anaesthesia during the procedure. Even though the patient ends up with a firmer and flatter tummy, the surgery is not considered to be a weight loss procedure.

The complexity of the surgery depends on the case being worked on. Surgery on a person with a lot of excess fat in the abdomen is more complicated. After the administration of anaesthesia, two incisions are made by the surgeon on the abdomen. One incision loosens the navel area while the other incision raises the navel from the tissues. The skin is then lifted to expose the muscles in the abdomen.

The surgeon then stitches the muscles into a new position thus giving the patient a new and defined waistline. The skin is stretched back to its original position. Any excess skin is trimmed down and the tummy is stitched

Aftercare Of Your Manicure And Pedicure

sddEvery woman likes to look and feel her best. Beautifully manicured fingernails and pedicured toenails are essential for a really polished look. If you’re looking at your hands and feet now and feeling a little self conscious that they are not looking their best, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. If you are unable to do it yourself, visit one of the many professionals out there who offer this service. It’s only a little thing, but I know I feel a lot more confident when I have nice nails, even if my hair is a mess and I have no make up on. So once you’ve prettied up your nails, how can you maintain the way they look for as long as possible? There are some simple things you can do which will help to care for your hands and feet. I’m sure many of you already know most of them, but it can’t help to have a quick refresh and go back to basics…

Avoid damage – Bitten nails are never a good look. If you are a nail biter, invest in one

How to Choose Dead Sea Mask for Different Skin Conditions

chChoosing and applying the perfect Dead Sea mask for your skin is utmost important, as selecting a wrong mask might cause irritation. The first step to picking the correct face mask is to understand the skin type you own. Your skin may range from normal to sensitive. Human skin types are categorized into five kinds:

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive

You can discuss your skin type with your dermatologist before picking any of the available Dead Sea masks on the market. However, some fantastic variants can be tried at home.

Most of the Dead Sea Masks are made from different types of muds, often recognized as Mud Masks. These are primarily used to treat oily texture, as it is capable of soaking excess oil and helps the epidermis to get rid of the impurities. However, there are different types of Dead Sea Masks available to treat different skin issues.

Consider the following before making a purchase decision to avoid irritant development on your face:

Dead Sea Mask for Oily Texture – Oily skin is often shiny looking. Hence, it is important that you pick a Dead Sea mask with deep cleansing properties. Such

Natural Home Made Scrubs for a Clean and Clear Skin

ntScrubbing – Important for Skin’s Health

The presence of dead cells in all types of skin is a common phenomenon, and the best option to get rid of it is to follow a regular scrubbing plan. Scrubs form an integral part of skin care treatment, be it in a beauty salon or home. If you already have acne and is undergoing any acne treatment; you must have been recommended to use a gentle scrubber. However, if you have active acne; then scrubbing is a complete no as it aggravates the problem. Instead, alcohol-free toner or rose water would be useful. Scrubs have some minute granules that when massaged into the skin gently, removes the dead cells that accumulate on the upper layer of your skin to make it look dark and patchy.

Here are some excellent home-made scrubs that are being used globally and have shown positive results in majority of the cases:

  • Banana Scrub – Ripe bananas works as a good scrubber. Just take two ripe bananas, mash them and add a teaspoon of grounded sugar to the banana paste. You can also mix a spoon

10 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know


Beauty is easily achievable. Some are born naturally beautiful while some use artificial methods to gain beauty. However, in both cases, it is equally hard to maintain the beauty. Thus, you need to keep constantly abreast with the latest trends as pertains to beauty enhancements and maintenance. Unfortunately, there is too much information you might get jumbled up and disillusion. We have broken down top ten beauty tricks and tips that you should always have on your hand.

Make your eyes look larger by switching up your eyeliner: to create a ‘bigger eye’ effect you ought to follow the following procedures. First, use a smudged black pencil in making the lower lash line. Next, you need to use a nude pencil for lining the waterline and do not connect the black liner at the corners. That way, the black does not close the eye up, and you will have achieved the desired effect.

Rock and roll edge look in wavy hair: it is perhaps the simplest trick here. Just use your fingers to twist the hair and do not forget to leave the ends straight for

The Connection Between Vitamins and Beauty

mnIt was discovered long ago that healthy eating, drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of sleep are not only the key to good health, but are also instrumental in keeping skin young and beautiful. Following these practices with a viable sunscreen and a nutrient rich skin cream can also promote skin elasticity and stave off wrinkles a bit longer. However, there is one important beauty product that has been overlooked.

While we know vitamin supplements can boost energy levels, help fight colds, and keep one active, it seems supplements have another benefit. Certain supplements are actually a prominent weapon in fighting aging. In fact, some supplements are so effective in counteracting the effects of aging, they might be seen as a sort of secret weapon.

The fact that certain vitamins and minerals fight aging is no secret. Obviously, it has long been known that fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promotes a healthy level of good cholesterol, keeping the heart functioning as it should. Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant produced by the body which promotes cell growth, and protects against cancer. Vitamin C

Men’s Hairstyling – Are You Using the Right Hair Gel

2fIf you thought hairstyling was only for women, you better think again. Men these days are paying more attention to their overall appearance. I am sure you have a brother or husband, who spends a couple of minutes if not hours styling their hair.

Hair gel does find a place in many men’s cosmetic kit. A small dollop can help you crunch a few waves and curls or create a wet look. And while shopping for hair gel for men sounds as easy as dropping in at your departmental store and grabbing one from the shelf, ask yourself one question – Are you using the right one?

If you are not sure, here are a few features to look for on your next hair gel shopping trip.

1. Hold –

The hold describes the lasting power of the hair gel. It ranges from a strong hold to a light hold. The ones that offer a lighter hold are just to keep your hair in place and less messy. Those with a stronger hold are meant for particular styles like a classic Mohawk.

2. Type –

Hair gel is available in

Feel Young Again With The Embo Nude Mask

3dIs there anyone who doesn’t entertain the idea of looking younger? Probably none! While there isn’t any way by which a body can be fully restored to youth levels beyond a certain age, it’s indeed possible to look younger that one’s actual age. There are hundreds of products available in markets that do claim to make one appear young again. Yet, only a few of them are actually effective. However, a well proven method in the same regard is the embo nude mask.

How does the embo nude mask work?

Most skin regeneration technologies focus on removing dead skin from the face and then enticing the regeneration of new skin. For the same purpose some use surgery, while others apply special kinds of facial techniques. But the embo nude mask is different as well as simple in the sense that just by applying a skin-like mask over the face for a few minutes, the skin can be actively enticed to regenerate again and thus make the user look younger.

Effective for a long time

Compared to several other techniques embo nude mask is considered to be very effective

How to Cut Your Own Hair

cuIn hairdressing, the expression “composition” is utilized as often as possible. It can allude to the measure of the breadth of the hair shaft (fine, typical and coarse hair composition). It can be utilized as a part of styling as far as adding an item to make the hair feel thicker or stiffer (texturing gel or glue added to give immovability and definition to a style). It is utilized as a part of synthetic administrations that adjust the wave example of the hair (which are called ‘Compound Texture Services”). Lastly, we utilize it in trimming the hair to allude to methods we use to expel mass from a style or from the hair by and large.

It is this last utilization of “Composition” that we are most worried with here. There are various techniques for “texturizing” the hair and each has a reason and a circumstance for which they are more suited. The strategies for texturizing the hair can be assembled into various classes. We’ll investigate these gatherings of systems and perceive how they vary and where they are generally valuable.

Inner Cutting:

Inner Cutting ordinarily includes

Five Different Ways of Removing Unwanted Hair

e33Unwanted hair is one of the most common issues that both men and women put up with on a regular basis. Hormonal imbalance, genetics, ethnicity and certain health conditions are four of the most common reasons for excessive unwanted hair. Fortunately, there are now so many ways to remove unwanted hair. Some methods like shaving, waxing and depilatory creams have temporary effects, while some methods like IPL and home laser hair removal gadgets offer results that last for a much longer time.


Shaving is probably the most common way of removing unwanted hair. Although it offers a “quick-fix” solution, a lot of people still prefer to use this method because it’s fast and it’s cheap. All you need is a razor and you’re good to go. However, because hair is only removed at the skin’s surface, its effects only last for a day or two.


Waxing is also one quick way of removing unwanted hair. Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair below the surface of the skin making its effects last for a couple of days. The only bad thing about waxing is the pain involved in

Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist to Know If She Is The One

maSo it’s time to choose a wedding makeup artist. Doesn’t it seem like there are a billion artists and a whole lot of pressure choosing the right one for your wedding? Well, this guide is the ultimate cheat sheet with five of the most critical questions to ask your potential wedding makeup artist before booking her.

1. Have you ever done makeup on someone with my skin condition?

At this point you probably already saw this makeup artists’ portfolio of past brides or past work (which is why you are contacting her in the first place). However, what did those clients look like without the makeup? Did they have acne, black marks, scars, bags under their eyes, wrinkles, freckles, or a birthmark? You want to know that this artist can conceal and contour real faces with real skin conditions. Some before-and-after pictures may give you a clear idea if this makeup artist can handle your unique skin conditions. Because let’s face it – a dab of lip gloss can make an already-beautiful model look even more fabulous, but a talented makeup artist can make her

The Best Five-Minute Hairstyles For Medium Hair

jiOne thing common in short and long hair is that they involve heavy maintenance. Medium length hair, on the contrary, has a greater sense of flexibility and ease, which is, in fact, the reason why most women prefer having medium length hair. Here are some fascinating hairstyles for medium hair that will not only make you appear glamorous, but are also very easy to create.

1. Layered Midi

The face-framing long layers are so much in fashion today. You can just get layers cut and blow dry them whenever you want a simple yet attractive appearance. You may ask your stylist to begin them at the nose-level at the front and provide enough layers at the back for a bouncy movement.

2. Bouncy Waves, Side-swept

This look is sophisticated and tousled and perfect for females with fine hair. A larger amount of hair is styled on the left side, and the remaining hair around jaw giving a bouncy look. It is great for those who do not have much hair. But just make sure that you do not chop too many layers as it can make your

How to Use Tea Tree Oil Effectively

3dAs many people who are fans of natural skin care will know, tea tree oil is one of those magical oils that have many powerful effects and can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. These include treating acne and infections, disinfecting and cleaning pores on the face, and even treating athlete’s foot.

With its anti-bacterial properties, this is an ideal and entirely natural way to treat a variety of skin conditions. However, it is should be used with care, as tea tree oil is also well known for its strength, and when used incorrectly it can actually cause skin irritation rather than soothe areas which are already irritated or inflamed.

There is one instance where is it recommended and safe to apply tea tree oil neat, and this is to acne, but only if done is a very precise manner with a cotton bud dabbed onto each spot. When used neat on normal skin this can cause irritation and redness, but the strength of the oil is most effective when applied neat in this instance.

This can be done at night and in the

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Argan Oil

avOne of the latest skin care trends to hit the shelves around the world is argan oil, which has long been used in its native home of North Africa for its various beauty and health benefits. This particular product can not only be applied to skin and hair for beauty benefits, but can also be consumed for a number of health reasons, including reducing cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

One of the main reasons that this particular oil has become popular however is the fact that it has anti-aging benefits for the skin. With many women looking to maintain plump and glowing skin for as long as possible, products touted as ‘miracle’ anti-aging solutions are often quick to grow in hype and sell out in shops as they become widely known to the general public.

Although this oil has only relatively recently because popular, evidence goes to show that there are indeed many benefits to this product, and that its anti-aging properties are very real. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you do decide to give argan oil a try

4 Skin Benefits of Using a Moroccan Argan Oil Product

44The world is slowly undergoing a magical transformation where individuals are paying more attention to “natural” things. From foods to the medications and cosmetic products, the world population is steadily showing more preference for natural products. The cosmetic industry is particularly revealing a trend where consumers have more confidence on natural oils, lotions and creams and so on. Among the most popular and trusted oils as far as skin care is concerned is the Moroccan Argan oil.

It is more appealing to consumers who are struggling with premature aging- a common occurrence in recent years. Today, more than ever, people want to not only feel younger but actually, appear more youthful. Argan oil is commercially marketed as one of the natural oils with an incredibly rich source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. The best testimonials come from the women of Mediterranean who have been using Moroccan Argan oil for many centuries. The oil has been a critical part of both their culinary delights as well as skin care. Over the years, it has performed miraculously positive transformation to the hair, nails and most

Is Beauty A Soft Subject

soI am new to blogging and upon discussing the content of my blog with a friend, they expressed their surprise that ‘someone so academic’ would be writing about a ‘soft’ subject like beauty. Now I wasn’t at all happy at this remark. Not only is it one of my passions and the topic that my whole blog is based on, but I also have numerous friends that are employed in the beauty industry in some way. I have friends who are professional makeup artists, beauty therapists, hairdressers and nail technicians. I also have friends who run their own franchised beauty businesses such as Avon. All of these people are smart, creative, passionate and highly trained professionals. And yet there are still those that doubt whether it is a worthwhile industry to work in or whether as a field of study it deserves respect.

The beauty industry in the UK alone employs over 1 million people. Despite a global recession in recent years, the beauty and cosmetics industry has increased its market share year after year and is predicted to be worth over $200 billion worldwide